Breads for 'Tabbaruk' (Community Meal) During Muharram

Weeping Lucknow – Muharram

Understanding the 68 days of mourning in Lucknow* 

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and the most important month for Muslims after Ramzan (Ramadan). Instead of joyous celebration, Shia Muslims mark the beginning of the New Year with sorrow by participating in mournful gatherings – mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala.

Other than Iran, India has the largest Shia population in the world, while Lucknow hosts the most in India, thus the observance of Muharram in Lucknow is the longest, most unique and beyond compare.

We take you on a curated tour of Lucknow’s Muhharam, where one experiences, how the city has maintained the legacy of this mourning custom from the Nawabi era till date and that too unchanged. Hindus too take part in these rituals with great reverence and devotion, making Muharram a unique feature in the socio-cultural fabric of Lucknow, presenting an unparalleled example of Hindu-Muslim unity in the city.

Cost :

INR 11,000 per person (minimum 02 guests) – per day/per event as per calendar* 

Starting Time : 

1:30 pm (starts from Lucknow)

Expected Duration : 

10-11 hours (minimum)

Remarks : 

This tour is date specific and this too may change by a day as per Islamic lunar calendar.

Ritualistically guests are required to wear simple black clothes in keeping with the tradition of mourning.

Some of the rituals might not be very pleasing to eyes and better avoided by faint-hearted guests and children.  

Most of the events are crowded and involve a walk due to traffic congestion and security restrictions. 


Muharram Event Calendar*


Highlight Event 






Shahi Zari ka Juloos

8th July

27th Jun

16th Jun

6th Jun

From 2nd till 5′day there are no specific public programmes, except for daily congressions. This period is not recommended for inclusion as it may not be as visually exciting.


Aag ka Matam

13th Jul

2nd Jul

21st Jun

12th Jun


Janbe Qasim ka Mehndi ka Jullos

14th Jul

3th Jul

22nd Jun

13th Jun



15th Jul

4th Jul

23rd Jun

14th Jun



16th Jul

5th Jul

24th Jun

15th Jun



17th Jul

6th Jul

25th Jun

16th Jun

From 11th till 49th day there are no specific public programmes, except/or daily congressions. This period is not recommended/or inclusion as it may not be as visually exciting.



26th Aug

15th Aug

4th Aug

26th Jun

From 51st till 67th day there are no specific public programmes, except /or daily congressions. This period is not recommended/or inclusion as it may not be as visually exciting.


Chup Taziya

13th Sep

1st Sep

3rd Sep

13th Jun

*Dates subject to change as per moon sighting – only by one or two days, plus or minus.



  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

An exclusive air-conditioned car for the tour.

Accompanying exclusive English speaking guide.

Orientation lecture by an expert/theologist.

Documentary show on the subject of Muharram.

Tea & refreshments.

Traditional Muharram Community Meal.

Any other food items on the tour, unless a part of offer.

Visit to any monuments in the city apart from (if) the venue to attend the event of the day.