Charbagh - Lucknow's Railway Station

How to Reach

Lucknow being the capital of Uttar Pradesh (Indian State) is well connected by Air, Rail and Road from all major cities of India. From Delhi you can even take an excursion trip to Lucknow by air and enjoy the city’s splendours. New Delhi has ten flights daily to and from Lucknow, similarly Mumbai (Bombay) and Calcutta have two each. One flight each to Dehradun, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Goa, Jaipur, Agra and more gives it an access to the rest of India.

Fast trains connect Lucknow with entire India cities like Delhi, Varanasi, Allahabad, Agra, Gwalior and Jhansi apart from other major cities and metros are well connected by road.

Road links are quite comfortable and safe. Agra Expressway takes only 3 hours between Lucknow to Agra, making road travel the most convenient and efficient between the two cities.  Similarly It is only 4.5 hours (four and a half hours) of travel between Lucknow & Varanasi where one takes Purvanchal Expressway on half the journey and rest half is on the old four lane highway which is a good comfortable travel and promises great countryside views passing through villages and towns. 

Ayodhya (Faizabad) is only 1.5  (one and a half hours) from Lucknow and is its nearest airport. A day excursion from Lucknow is easily possible to Ayodhya from Lucknow. The road is quite good and is being further expanded due to every increasing traffic. 

Prayagraj (Allahabad) is only 4 hours drive and if further heading to Varanasi one can easily visit Prayagraj (or stay for a night there) and then further drive to Varanasi from Prayagraj in 2.5 hours (two and a half hours). The Road is quite good and passes through cluster of villages and towns, best way to understand Indian countryside. 

Kanpur is yet again only 2 hours drive from Lucknow and there is another expressway that is under constriction and once ready in 2024 it will bring down the 2 hrs travel time to just 1 hour. Road between Lucknow and Kanpur is very good but quite busy thus it takes longer than usual on this short stretch of 90 km. 

We recommend you check the distance and time taken from any city to Lucknow and then decide on embarking upon this journey. For specific details on the connections and options send us an E-mail on and we will work out the best for you.

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