Cremation in Progress at Varanasi Ghat

Death & Beyond (Varanasi Walk)


Varanasi or Banaras is the oldest living city world over. This is a city where Lord Shiva dwelled and made it his abode. There may be many cities where people migrate to live, but this is the only city where people are known to migrate to die. In Hinduism it is strongly believed that death or cremation in Varanasi surely opens the doors to heaven, no wonder this is a city that celebrates death and truly understands that death is yet another journey into another world and only a cycle of rebirth.

On this walking tour we take you to understand death and all the rituals that follow it from the time of cremation, through the mourning and finally ending the 13 day period of mourning and even thereafter the annual ritual performed in the memory of the dead. Mind you each ritual is with a purpose and has a scientific backing to it. Once you have understood the ‘Death in Varanasi’ the life becomes so easy and meaningful.

An expert walk leader accompanies you detailing each step and answering many of your existential questions. You also get an opportunity to interact with a ‘Dome’ (A community that is entrusted with organizing and helping the family to light the funeral pyre).

This may sound a scary walking tour but if we consider this as a truth of life and understand the rituals it surely is a learning experience.


Cost :

On request –

Starting Time :

11 am (Flexible)

Expected Duration :

2 – 2.5 hours 

Remarks :

This is a ritual understanding walking tour and a learning experience. Some times the visuals of burning funeral pyres may not be pleasant and surely not for children below the age of 16. 

Does not operate on a few festivals such as Holi &  Diwali. 

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Pre-visit Orientation.

Walking tour conducted by an expert walk leader.

Direct interaction with traditional priests who manage this ritual.

Tea & refreshments at after the walking tour has ended.

Transport cost to and from the starting point (may be booked separately).

Any other food items apart from tea & refreshments.

Any other beverage, other than tea & bottled water which are a part of this tour inclusion.