Chikan Embroidery of Lucknow

Threads of Lucknow (Embroidery Workshop)

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Lucknow has been a center of great embroideries, that have survived the strong winds of change to flourish even today. Chikan for example, is an art that provides livelihood to so many women in and around Lucknow, empowers them to be a part of the thriving local economy, supplements their household income and above all keeps the traditional craft alive. Men on another hand, contribute their finesse to other forms of embroidery, Zari and Aari in particular. These are mostly done at the small studios within the homes of designers, on big wooden frames with many men working together on a single piece to churn out an exquisite example of craft.

Another high-point is that this embroidery has bound the two diverse communities of Hindus and Muslims together in Lucknow, where both live in utmost peace and harmony. This is a result of a delicate economic relationship shared by them. Hindu trading community, referred to as Rastogis, sell the embroidered craft, while Muslims are involved as craftsmen.

How awesome it is to learn about this craft from the men and women at a designer’s studio on a half-day hands-on experiential sojourn. Each guest gets a personal embroidery kit to learn the craft, a talk is delivered by a designer and guests are taught this intricate embroidery.

Click Here to see a few pictures

Cost :

On request –

Starting Time :

11 am (Flexible)

Expected Duration :

4 – 4.5 hours (split in two halves, pre-lunch & post lunch)

Remarks :

This is a learning experience (hands-on) of hand embroidery for special interest groups.

The workshop is held at a designer’s home. 

Does not operate on a few festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Eid & Mohorram.

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Pre-visit Orientation.

Embroidery experts conduct this hands-on session.

Personal embroidery kits.

Lecture on Lucknow embroidery.

Trunk show at the venue.

Vegetarian lunch and tea at the venue.

Transport cost to and from the venue (may be booked separately).

Any other food items apart from lunch on fixed menu on offer.

Any other beverage, other than tea & bottled water.