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At times we shy away from cooking straight out of the recipe books and more so when the cuisine is as complex as Awadh’s. At times this is because of not having a proper hands-on experience, that goes a long way to create confidence, or not being comfortable with interpreting complex recipes, or for that matter not being sure while playing with unknown or unheard spices. We surely want to come up with an awesome dish when entertaining family and friends at home or when throwing a party, but then, we also want to be sure of what we churn out, should be liked and appreciated.

How about learning a dish from Lucknow, in Lucknow by a Lucknowite ? be it making a kabab or korma. Just one dish mastered to perfection. We give you a chance to do this at any local kitchen. You get to know the cooking process from the scratch, cook with your host and experience the joy of cooking.

The idea centers around cooking and understanding the nuances of a dish in Awadhi cooking (the concentration is not on the meal, as the session limits to a single dish, of course guests get to taste what they make, but surely that is not a complete meal).

An individual or a family takes care of the guest, on this two to three hours session, in a private kitchen and concentrates on a single dish cooking rather than teaching a full meal. Dishes cooked are quite simple with an intention to help guests replicate these back home.

Cost :

On request –

Starting Time : 

Flexible (Ideally an early evening experience)

Expected Duration : 

2 – 3 hours

Remarks : 

This is an exclusive and a privileged home/studio cooking experience that focuses on mastering one dish (single dish).

Meal is not a part of this. The idea is only to master a dish that will be taught under this experience.  Though tasting is possible only in small quantities as cooked and as a part of cooking process – this may not qualify as eating a meal. 

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Cooking demonstration in a hands-on session.

Services of a food curator to interpret recipe and help in learning or documenting.

Privileged access to private home kitchen by appointment.

Transport services (No pickup / drop).

Proper meal / dinner (only one dish that is taught under this is available for tasting)

Any beverage, except bottled water unless a part of the menu of the day.

Entertainment programme.

Tips & gratuities for service and cooking staff (At the discretion of guests).