Kathak Interpretation by Tornos

Kathak Interpretation

Kathak is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dances. This dance traces its origins to the nomadic bards of ancient north India, known as ‘Kathakars’ or the storytellers. Its form today contains traces of temple and ritual dances. From 16th century onward, it also absorbed certain features of Persian dance while in the courts of Nawabs of Awadh. Today, Kathak has emerged as a distinct dance form. Being the only classical dance of India having links with Muslim culture, it represents a unique synthesis of Hindu and Muslim genius in art. Further, Kathak is the only form of classical dance wedded to Hindustani or the North Indian music, both of them have had a parallel growth, each feeding and sustaining the other.

Classical dance forms in India have to be backed by a fair understanding of the many nuances, and more so when a dance form is based on a story, that is narrated visually by the dancer through the dance. This Kathak Interpretation session allows you, to admire this complex classical dance form, appreciate the steps of dance, hand movements, facial expressions, the story-line and the music. The forms include, temple dances, court dances and Sufi interventions that complete the understanding of this dance form.

Cost :

On request – info@tornosindia.com

Starting Time :

Pre-dinner activity – This may be combined with Dine with the Maharaja

Also may be taken independently at any location (city hotel – banquets)

Expected Duration :

1 hour (as a part of larger programme)

Remarks :

This is a live dance / music performance but may not be just seen as an entertainment. It is backed by researched knowledge that is shared with guests.

Guests need to be maintaining decorum and basic etiquette during the performance as it is not only entertainment but the product is based on knowledge and art-appreciation.  

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Kathak Dancer from the Lucknow Gharana (School of Kathak).

Live accompanying musicians.

Full audio PA system.

Interpretation in English, with aid of framed pictures / projection.

Cost of venue for the performance.

Transport services (No pickup / drop).

Any meals or beverage unless a part of the main programme.