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Curated Dining at Kotwara House

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Tornos’ Home dining experience – by appointment

Kotwara is not just another estate of an erstwhile royal family, but a fine example of how there are still some royalties that are tied deeply to their roots. Raja Muzaffar Ali and his wife Rani Meera Ali do not need any introduction due to their intense involvement in preservation of art and craft of Awadh.  History of Kotwara dates back to year 1009, thus making it one of the oldest estates in Awadh. While the estate is located in the region of Terai – the forest range of Dudhwa, the city home of the royal family in Lucknow exists since the days of Raj and is located within the palace complex of Kaiserbagh.

Be it the period film of Muzaffar Ali, ‘Umrao Jaan’, where Muzaffar as a film maker portrays a culture that disappeared quietly without leaving any strand behind or his wife Meera’s work of art through traditional embroidery and her efforts to unearth some very unique, almost extinct recipes, not only from Kotwara but also from numerous other royalties of India.

Meera’s efforts and remarkable research on food and tastes is evident from her recent book, ‘Dining with the Nawabs’ and it is indeed so exciting to dine at Kotwara House in Lucknow on an exclusive pre-set menu. The menu for our guests is specially curated by Muzaffar & Meera Ali, while the food is cooked by their family cooks in small quantity, just for the diners of the day. If Muzaffar & Meera are in residence, they are happy to dine with our guests, else they remotely supervise this dining experience, opening their family home to us and their personal family cooks, whose ancestors have served the royal family of Kotwara, prepare a great meal based on the exclusive menu of the day.

Cost :

On request – info@tornosindia.com

Starting Time : 

Winters / Summers – 7 pm

Expected Duration : 

2.5 hours

Remarks : 

This is an exclusive and privileged home dining product that operates every day by appointment and pre-booking.

Under this product the main focus is on food and not on any kind of family interaction or entertainment. The menu is curated by the family itself for the day and the meal is based on fixed menu or could be pre-plated.

This royal family has a long and illustrious culinary tradition and is known to be loyal to it even today. It is just this passion for authentic family recipes and undiluted tradition of culinary expertise that is the highlight of the meals served here.

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Dinner on set menu (food preferences are taken in advance).

Traditional beverage if served with dinner and if a part of the menu of the day.

Exclusive heritage and family history expert.

Privileged access to private home with appointment and by permission.

Transport services (No pickup / drop).

Any beverage, except bottled water unless a part of the menu of the day.

Entertainment programme.

Presence of the family (Not guaranteed. If they are in residence, they are happy to meet and dine together).

Tips & gratuities for service and cooking staff (At the discretion of guests)