Communication Policy

As a policy matter we value all contacts made with us at any point of time. Each correspondence is valuable to us and it is always our priority to reply you as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within 12 working hours please repeat your communication and assume that we have not received it or that there is some technical snag in our communication system, as even if we delay responses, we ensure you hear the reason of this delay from us. At Tornos we use the latest communication tools and understand the need of today’s extremely busy lifestyle. It has been our endeavor to reach out to our clients, associates and vendors within the shortest possible time and making this habit our niche in the industry.

At Tornos each correspondence is of equal priority. We do not prioritize inward correspondence and as a result we reply to each one instantly and in shortest possible time frame. In case we take some time in giving you the specific reply to your query we let you know that too, this way you are sure that your valuable correspondence has reached us and within what time frame you will hear from us.

Should you have any problems in communicating with us or at any point of time notice that we are not adhering to our Communication Policy please complaint to us on: