Special Mention

– Our usual standards are often seen as our USP (Unique Selling Propositions)


Tourist Audio Guide System: 

Most of our walking tours have an electronic guide hearing systems that give our guests freedom to look around and still listen to the guide’s commentary. The system is available for general sightseeing tours too on request. Tornos is the first tour company to have imported this and has been using it since 2015.

Well Researched Handpicked Experiences: 

All our tours have an edge of knowledge based and provide a fulfilling experience. Specialist tours are not conducted by guides but by subject specialists to deliver the most out of each. For example, our Culinary Walk is by a food expert or a chef himself as we believe a historical guide can not do justice to such a subject. Check it out…

Special Privileges & Priority Entries: 

At each monument or places of interests our guests get a priority. Even a simple thing like car for pick-up of our guests at the airport, railway stations or hotels’ main porch is treated with utter seriousness and its almost instant for our guests. Hotels check-in, upgrade of rooms and late check-outs are only a few privileges that our guests enjoy over all others.  

Walking Bags:

Each walking tour has a specially designed walking jute bag included as a part of standard inclusion. This bag contains all the essentials for day out, be it wet & dry tissues, cutlery, hand-sanitizer, bottled water or a few munchy goodies all are a part of this bag along with some essential maps and notes. A lot of brain storming and detailing goes on to design such inclusions as at times these help in delivering not only a service but an experience. 

Goodies Basket & Other Inclusions In Our Cars: 

When you hire a car as part of our ‘rent-a-car’ service or as a part of your tour package with us you can expect a few inclusions such a a Goodies Basket (containing: chips, chocolates, biscuits, savouries, candies etc), wet & dry tissues, hand sanitizer, unlimited bottled water in cooler boxes, umbrellas, waste-bags and a certified first-aid kit. When travelling on long trips in our cars also expect a fruit-basket, juices and soft-drinks. All this come to our guests with our complements. Click here to check it on a video  

On The Net: 

Our monthly e-column, ‘LUCKNOWLEDGE’, which is a single page article based on Lucknow is sent to no less than 4000 subscribers all over the world. To keep you abreast with this city’s culture, craft, cuisine. Our website too is a saga of sorts that tells all about Lucknow and is no less than a pre-visit portal. Our Facebook & Twitter pages also keep our patrons abreast with all that’s hot and happening. 

Online Chat: 

We at Tornos understand the essence of quick and efficient communication and free exchange of information at all times. Our agents are available on the net to answer your queries during office hours (IST: 1000 hrs to 1900 hrs). This feet is backed by a fully stocked product library and professionally trained staff. To Chat with us on line go to the ‘Contact Us’ option on the main menu.

Feedback Implementation Department:

Tornos has a dedicated department that not only looks into the guest complaints but implements improvements and suggestions within minimum possible time. ‘Feedback Implementation Department’ at Tornos is run and managed by independent mentors of the company who look at complaints with an unbiased view and monitor the timely implementation process too.