Lucknow Mutiny Tour

Revisiting Lucknow of 1857-58

Lucknow on the west of river Gomti, 42 miles east of Cawnpore and 610 miles from Calcutta, was the capital of the province of Oudh. It was annexed, in 1856, and this very fact became the root cause of the mutiny here. If the British rule were flexible and if at all it respected the local sentiments, the course of history would have been quite different. Oudh had been the nursery of the company’s infantry. Its population was armed, militarised and it provided soldiers for more than just British interests. Nawab’s extensive court and his army had been disbanded. Some 200,000 men, all the supporting services, the armourers alone numbering 12000, as well as dispossession of many landowners & talukdars of their rights & powers, happened to be the worst mistake of the British. This threw still more armed men out of employment, but skilled to fight against the perpetrators of their misery the British. While the arrival of Sir Henry Lawrence as the Chief Commissioner of Oudh in time would have been a game changer and could have made the people of Oudh fall in line with the British, but this happened late and by this time the air in Oudh was all charged up to lay an all out siege in May 1857.

On this very exclusive curated tour – ‘Revisiting Lucknow of 1857-58’, we take you through the routes followed by Henry Havelock, James Outram and Colin Campbell. We visit the areas that were in focus during the siege of Lucknow. We try and understand, how this siege progressed to a conclusive end, but not without sacrifices from both the warring fronts.

Cost :

INR 11000 per person (min 2 guests required)

Starting Time : 

Winters / Summers – 8 am – 9 am

Expected Duration : 

9 hours (Extensive tour)

Remarks : 

Lucknow Mutiny TourThis is an exclusive special interest tour that operates every day, except Friday. Ideal time of starting would be 0800 hrs, though may be altered as per individual requirements, while expect to return to the hotel by 1700 / 1800 hrs.

Does not operate on Friday and national holidays.

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Drive on a same routes that were taken by Havelock, Outram & Campbell on a day trip in an exclusive car.

Light refreshments & unlimited bottled water on board in the car.

Services of an exclusive Mutiny Specialist English Speaking Guide and entrances.

Mutiny related reference material shown during the drive (hand-outs, maps and pictures).

Lunch at a local restaurant.

A book on Indian Mutiny as giveaway.

Use of transport other than the use on this tour.

Visits of any other monuments apart from subject related (may be covered by paying entrances).

Any meals other than lunch at designated restaurant on this tour.

Any other beverage, other than bottled water.