Awadhi Cuisine

Meal Planning (We Curate Your Menu)

– by Prateek Hira

In this product we plan what you eat and where you eat. A course meal is served to you on a pre-set menu under an expert guidance of Prateek Hira (Avadhi Cuisine Expert, by virtue of his education, knowledge and experience).

Meal planning is an art, specially when you are planning a meal from the a-la-carte menu of a specialty cuisine, which may not contain your native food. Though a lot of description goes in about the preparation and a sort of showcased recipe too is a part of the menu book of all good restaurants, but seldom do they rate their own stuff, putting you always at a risk of ordering some lunatic stuff and ending your meal with a negative impression.

Restaurants, world over are business houses that often tend to sell over-priced or over-stocked stuff from their selection list and at times we feel that it is improper to talk about the prices, when a captain or steward is suggesting us a dish, thereby risking our pockets unknowingly or just draining our credit cards. Often the restaurant staff shows that it has all the knowledge of a Specialty Chef, though they might be just the most uninformed and the most ignorant pack in the restaurant. They are great people, when it comes to sales, sweet talking and of course have great serving skills, but seldom do they have knowledge about the specialty cuisine that we are searching for our exclusive meal.

When one speaks of Awadhi Cuisine, it is so very complicated and the appreciation is in the preparation and its combination. There are dishes that are cooked overnight or marinated for hours together or for that matter cooked in sealed pots to retain its juices and aroma. To appreciate such a cuisine you ought to have an expert plan your meal and servings. This is the only way to get the utmost satisfaction and appreciate such a complex cuisine.

Prateek Hira is known for his researches in Awadhi Cuisine and has studied and experienced this subject well. He regularly visits eateries and homes to compare the real cuisine with the one that is served at fine dine restaurants. His interest makes him a master of this subject, backed by his specialized education and extensive travels. ‘A foodie by interest and a chef by education’, would be just the right phrase for him. Prateek will be more than happy and willing to personally plan your Awadhi Meal in course servings within your assigned budgets and he will organise to donate the left-over to the poor and needy immediately after this meal (Lunch / Dinner).

Participating Restaurants :

  • Oudhyana (Hotel Taj Mahal)
  • Falaknuma (Hotel Clarks Awadh)
  • Sepia (Hotel Renaissance)
  • Dastarkhwan (Standalone)
  • Royal Café (Standalone)

More details on request :

Cost :

No cost / No Obligation for guests traveling with Tornos.

Starting Time : 

Lunch / Dinner (Subject to availability) 

Expected Duration : 

1 hour (minimum)

Remarks : 

This is a non-obligatory service by Tornos to popularise Awadhi Cuisine among the visiting guests.

Prateek (subject to his availability) will be happy to curate the meal for the diners.

An exclusive lecture may be arranged by Prateek Hira on the subject of cuisine at any location or participating restaurants where meal is served.