Ram Vivah in Ayodhya – When Ram weds Sita

(Excursion to Ayodhya on specific event dates*) 

Indian wedding is not just a ritual but actually a phase when a Hindu steps into, ‘Grahast Ashram’ – the worldly life of being married. This Hindu ritual draws inspiration from the wedding of Ram-Sita, a couple who is considered perfect in all senses and a wedlock that had absolutely no flaw at all.

Just a 2 hours drive from takes us to Ayodhya, an ancient religious city where Lord Rama was born. This city is deeply rooted to its traditions and customs, one of it being Ram Vivah or the Wedding of Lord Rama with Sita. This actually is ‘not to be missed’ event in Ayodhya and according to Hindu calendar falls on, ‘Aghan Vivah Panchami’, the day when Lord Rama married Sita the daughter of Janak along with his three brothers, Laxman, Bharat & Shatrudhan who married Urmila, Mandavi & Shrutikirti respectively.

We at Tornos organise this very curated tour of Ayodhya that not only includes the tour of temples, evening Aarti of river Saryu, but also takes you to show the different wedding processions that originate on this particular day from different Ashrams and move through the city to reach the wedding venue, where cultural performances are held and all the wedding rituals follow all night.

*Ram Vivah Tour Date (subject to change by one day plus/minus as per Hindu calendar)

2023 – Sunday, 17th December

2024 – Friday, 6th December

2025 Tuesday, 25th November

2026 – Monday, 14th December

2027 – Friday, 3rd December

Cost :

INR 13500 per person (minimum 02 guests)

Starting Time : 

1:30 pm (starts from Lucknow)

Expected Duration : 

10-11 hours (minimum)

Remarks : 

This tour starts from Lucknow.

Return is open to guest at an optional time anytime after late dinner 2200 hrs, as few guests may not prefer seeing all overnight wedding rituals. 

As an option an overnight stay can also be provided in Ayodhya under this product with an additional cost. 

What all you should not expect on these tours ?

  • If you plan to stay in Ayodhya/Faizabad, do not expect a star category like hotel comforts, though we try and compensate many shortcomings by including a tea and coffee maker in room, supervised cleaning and steward in attendance. Of course it would be a neat and clean air-conditioned accommodation with modern facilities yet it might be a bit challenging for a few.
  • Meals served here are strictly vegetarian meals and at times may not include ginger and garlic, having warned about this we still highly rate the meals served, as it is an experience in itself. Some of our guests may find an Indian breakfast too heavy to be relished, thus we have an alternate arrangement in place to include packed croissants, soft bread, butter, preserves, muffins, juices etc. but again please do not expect this to be an elaborate spread.
  • Ayodhya is a wonderful religious town with a rich culture and provides a great experience but to enjoy it , you need to overlook many shortcomings at times in terms of infrastructure that often remains an issue in all ancient Indian towns, with limited space and resources. At all levels we try and do our best to provide you a great experience devoid of all shortcomings, yet urge you to be accommodating and understand that often things may not move the way you want them to.
  • While utmost care has been taken in terms of multiple reconnaissance tours and researches before the launch of all our tour programmes, but most of our programmes are unique and quite out of box, thus there might be certain inclusions or visits that practically do not fit in at the last moment for many unforeseen reasons and last moment developments. In such cases we reserve the right to change to an alternate programme that should be equally exciting and we would recommend you accept it with trust on us to enjoy the tour.

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

An exclusive air-conditioned car from and to Lucknow.

Accompanying exclusive English speaking guide.

Temple tour of Ayodhya and boating at river Saryu.

Priority temple visits and seating.

Tea & refreshments.

Traditional Hindu wedding dinner.

Cost of stay if required in Ayodhya.

Any other food items on the tour, unless a part of offer.

Non-vegetarian food or alcohol.