Lectured Tours by Tornos

Lecture Insight

A lecture is an oral presentation, intended to present information or teach people about a particular subject. Lectures are used to convey critical information, history, background and theories. Lectures delivered by talented speakers can be highly stimulating for special interest tourist groups.

Lucknow by and large as a destination has never been on a constant or a singular historical analysis platform. It has a history written with a single perspective to suit a particular class. But to reach a logical conclusion or to understand history or for that matter any topic of interest, be it the Awadhi Cuisine, Architecture, Uprising of 1857, Life during the Nawabi Period et al, we have to understand it in the light of facts and circumstances and not just read and learn. History is often written by the winners, never by the losers, thus history tends to be twisted, to suit the whims and fancies of the writer, who has been the winner of the battle, so why not listen to the looser as well and understand all point of views, before forming an opinion.

At Tornos we have a panel of experts drawn from different quarters, who are specialists in their own fields by virtue of their interest, reading, profession or experience. These lecturers come in as a Guest Speakers for special interest tourists, to talk to tourist groups or FITs on the subject for about two hours. This interactive lecture can be arranged over a casual afternoon tea or an evening cocktail, to enhance the academic value of the tour.

Cost :

On request – info@tornosindia.com

Starting Time :

At any time. Preferably as a pre-dinner activity or over tea/drinks.

Also may be taken independently at any location (preferably a city hotel – banquet)

Expected Duration :

30 min (may be a part of larger programme)

Remarks :

This is an intellectually enriching session and often helps special interest groups understand and relate better with the subject/theme.

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Honorarium for the lecturer.

Travel allowance and assistance for the lecturer.

Announcer for lecturer’s introduction and opening remarks.

Cost of venue for the lecture.

Transport services for guests attending the lecture (No pickup / drop).

Any meals or beverage unless a part of the main programme.