We were not taught this at Stanford, Wharton or Harvard, yet we do it at Tornos !


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Tornos’ People Policy seeks to create tomorrow’s leaders by developing people to their fullest potential and instilling in them a performance-driven culture.

The Tornos philosophy hinges on treating people with dignity and respect. Tornos believes that, it is a satisfied and dedicated team that will help it realise its mission of being the best in the industry. We provide excellent opportunities for financial and professional growth by offering “intra-preneurship” to its team – that is applying entrepreneurial skills within the company to seek out new businesses. It is our medium setup that can well be defined as, disciplined yet creative, corporate yet entrepreneurial. It employs cutting-edge technology yet remains deeply sensitive to human needs.

Team at Tornos aspires for extraordinary growth. And it is only through them that Tornos has perfected the art and science of tourism and delivers the ultimate travel experience to its customers.

For Beginners Searching for a career…

  • Comfortable with multi tasking and creative thinking
  • Ability to work long hours in a high energy environment
  • Individuals who do not burst by stress but burst stress
  • To have a personality of a learner and ready to be trained always
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills
  • Computer literate and ability to adapt to personalized software

If you meet the above profile and you believe that a career in travel is just the right choice, you may be the person we are searching for !

Send us your CV detailing all your academic, extra-curricular and professional achievements, if any, to: careers@tornosindia.com

Current Openings…

Tornos has been a very rapidly growing company that has come a long way since its inception in 1994 and is moving ahead with a very firm and strong sense of commitment to its clients, partners, vendors and above all to its own team. Under our expansion plans and increased work profile we have a few openings as under :-

  • Airport & Train Station Welcome Executives……12 Posts – (6)Lucknow (6) Ayodhya Specially Abled Employment Apply for this on : careers@tornosindia.com or FILL FORM
    • Basic Requirements: Female or Male candidates preferably graduates (degree / diploma in Travel & Tourism will be given a preference) with good verbal communication and a presentable personality.  Candidate should be able to communicate in English. This is a full time requirement with shift rotational duties based out of Lucknow & Ayodhya Airport, Railway Station and Other Welcome Counters in the City. Age < 30 (Females, Males and Others are welcome to apply for this post).
  • Secretary……01 Post – (1)Lucknow Specially Abled Employment Apply for this on : careers@tornosindia.com or FILL FORM
    • Basic Requirements: Female candidates good at computers, multi tasking, preferably with a degree/diploma in Travel & Tourism. Candidate should be willing to keep schedules, handle petty accounts, draft e-mails, attend telephones, maintain records. Candidate should have good command over English, both written and spoken. Candidate Candidates should be well versed with photo-editing & video-editing software. Knowledge of CorelDraw will be an added advantage. This is a full time requirement with high pressures and deadlines. Age < 30 (Only Females for this post).
  • Designer & Webmaster……01 Post – (1)Lucknow Specially Abled Employment Apply for this on : careers@tornosindia.com or FILL FORM
    • Basic Requirements: Male/Female/Others candidates good at computers, knowledge of WordPress. This position requires a combination of programming skills (namely PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) and aesthetics (understanding element arrangements on the screen, the color and font choices, and so on). Candidate must also be able to maintain the website in line with global best practices and standard. A self-starter with a strong initiative and an ability to work independently. Knowledge of Photo-editing and designing is a must. This is an independent and an individual position and requires great competence and innovation. (Females, Males and Others are welcome to apply for this post)
  • Trainee Jr Tour Executive……05 Posts (FILL FORM) – (1)Prayagraj (1)Ayodhya
    • Basic Requirements: Candidates preferably with a Degree / Diploma in Travel & Tourism with good spoken & written English. Candidates should be able to independently handle e-mail queries, work on company software. Basic knowledge of computers is a must. Candidates with a knowledge of  photo-editing & video-editing software will get an advantage over others. Knowledge of CorelDraw too will come as an added advantage. Candidates should be able to work under extreme pressures and be comfortable working at odd-hours ; Age < 25 (Females, Males and Others are welcome to apply for this post)
  • Transfer Representative ……04 Posts (FILL FORM) – (1)Delhi (2)Haridwar (1)Prayagraj
    • Young male candidates (age < 25 only males) preferably with a Degree/Diploma/Certificate in Travel & Tourism with good spoken English and willing to assist and escort tourists from airport & railway station to hotel & vice versa. We require candidates with presentable personality, with an ability to work under pressure and at odd-hours, during tourist season. This is the first entry level career in tourism operations of our company and candidates can expect quick promotions and salary hikes based on the performance and learning ability. (Only Males for this post)
  • Interns……07 Posts (FILL FORM) – (4)Lucknow (1)Delhi (2)Haridwar (1)Prayagraj (1)Ayodhya  Specially Abled Employment 
    • We have an opening for interns to work on ready-made tours for 2023-2025. Students of BTA/MTA/MTM/MBA(Tourism) programmes/PG Diploma in Tourism or Diploma in Tourism with a bent towards Inbound Tours may get in touch with us by filling a form (CLICK HERE TO FILL FORM) to appear for a personal interview. This is a part time position from 1530 hrs to 1900 hrs daily except Sundays. It is a low remuneration (training type) opportunity targeted only at students of tourism, giving an insight to intricate planning skills based on assignments. This is only open to final year students till they are students, after they pass their course the involvement would automatically be terminated and a certificate would be issued. This gives an edge to students looking for openings after the completion of this term. (Females, Males and Others are welcome to apply for this post)
Specially Abled Employment Wherever you see this sign in an opening, it denotes that opening is open for specially-abled persons (there may be a chance, certain abilities would be mandatory within that opening, depending on the nature of work).