Aminabad, Lucknow

Aminabad Shophistory Walk

Nawab Asif-ud-Daula, gave the area of Aminabad to Shah Alam-II in 1759, who constructed an Imambara, a Feelkhana (Elephant House) and a garden along with a number shops. After his death, his wife sold the entire property to Imdad Hussain Khan Amin-ud-Daula. Imdad Hussain added further constructions and the market came up then, known as Aminabad.

After the mutiny of 1857, the entire area came under the rule of the British. Later in 1905 Lt. Governor Sir J.D. Latouche, visited Aminabad and ordered its renovation. It was then that Loutouche Road leading to this market came into existence and till date is called so. The renovated Aminabad was inaugurated by Sir Loutouche himself in 1911.

In fact, Aminabad is a combination of various markets, cluster of houses, offices and is often compared to the bustling Chandani Chowk of Delhi.

We take you on an evening walking tour of this market and show you some of its bustling bazaars, that are so very exciting to understand and to shop at. Refugee Market is known to have given refuge to the business community from the partitioned Pakistan and is still known so. Or for that matter, Swadeshi Market that so very religiously stopped selling foreign goods, when Mahatma Gandhi gave a call to shun foreign goods. Also Garbar-Jhaala, known for its highest bargaining shops, where one can get the prices reduced by 200% at times, if only one has skills to bargain.

We at Tornos show you these markets, let you meet the local shoppers, and give you a dose of history, showing you the places that weave history into this market place, making Aminabad a place to walk, understand local shoppers’ lifestyle, and experience the hustle & bustle of a local market, not to mention some great shopping deals that you can strike as well.

Cost :

INR 4000 per person (Minimum 2 guests)

Starting Time :

3:30 pm

Expected Duration :

2 hours

Remarks :

This walking tour is available in two time slots, morning and afternoon.

This tour covers a a crowded old market, a bit chaotic but a great way to understand how this market place evolved into a bustling bazaar.

Does not operate on Thursday a few festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Eid & Mohorram.

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Pre-visit Orientation.

Heritage Expert leading the walking tour.

Chaat tasting (tangy evening Indian snack).

Walking bags with bottled water, tissues, light refreshments.

Transport cost to and from walk starting point (may be booked separately).

Any other food items on the walk, unless a part of offer.

Any other beverage, other than bottled water.