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Recipe (Dish) Description Tags
Pasanda Baadam Ka Shorba mutton, goat meat
Galawat Kebab mutton, goat meat, tundey kebab, mouth melting kebab
Burrah Kebab mutton, goat meat
Awadhi Murg Tikka chicken
Hara Tawa Kebab spinach, vegetarian kebab, lintels, chana daal
Mutton Sheekh Kebab mutton, goat meat
Kakori Kebab mutton, goat meat
Khoya Khumani Kebab mushroom, milk solids
Anjeer Ke Kebab fig, banana, potato
Shammi Kebab mutton, goat meat
Mahi Tikka Kali Mirch fish, cheese, black pepper
Reshmi Kebab chicken, cheese, cream, eggs
Shikampuri Kebab goat meat, eggs
Awadhi Murg Korma chicken, gravy
Murg Zafraani chicken, saffron
Murg Rogani chicken
Nihari Gosht mutton, yogurt
Dahi Gosht mutton, yogurt
Degh Ka Gosht mutton, curd
Nimona peas, vegetarian
Awadhi Shahi Dal split pigeon peas, saffron, cream, vegetarian
Paneer Ka Shula cottage cheese
Awadhi Karela Ka Dulma bitter gourd, yogurt
Kotwara Karela Dal bitter gourd, lentils
Nargisi Kofta egg, mutton, goat meat, minced meat, scotched egg
Baigan Mirch Ka Saalan aubergine, brinjal, eggplant
Murg Mussalam chicken, dry fruits
Gobhi Mussalam cauliflower
Lagan ke Kofte mutton, goat meat
Lagan Ka Murg chicken
Shahi Murg Badami chicken. almonds
Awadhi Shahi Urad Daal lintels, vegetarian
Gosht Daalcha lintels, mutton,
Chandi Paneer cottage cheese
Lakhnawi Keema Kaleji minced meat, mutton, goat meat, liver
Lakhnawi Keema minced meat, mutton, goat meat
Zamindoz Machli fish, dum cooking, underground cooking
Sheermal bread, saffron, flour, milk
Roghni Roti bread, ghee, flour, milk, sugar, salt
Awadhi Gosht Pullao / Biryani rice, mutton, goat meat, dum cooking
Keema Pullao / Biryani rice, mince mutton, mince goat meat, dum cooking
Chulao rice, mutton, goat meat
Sheer Brunj rice, milk, sweet, dessert
Sewain Ka Muzzafar vermicelli, sweet, sugar, khoya. dessert
Sheer Kurma vermicelli, sweet, sugar, khoya. dessert
Nimish / Makkhan-Malai milk, saffron, souffle, sweet, dessert
Shahi Tukrda bread, milk, saffron, sweet, dessert
Balu Shahi doughnuts, kewra, sweet, dessert
Rasaval Sugarcane, rice, sweet, dessert

Coquina is an artisan (also called ‘artisanal’) private kitchen that experiments with food from local produce in small portions for the purpose of food research and understanding. It also interprets a combination of traditional and modern cooking by knowledgeable individuals, who are cooks by passion and not by profession. Our guests get a chance to learn about this Passion Cuisine, cook for themselves under expert supervision and learn the art of cooking an Awadhi Meal.