Vieilles Maisons Françaises Honours La Martiniere for heritage conservation

La Martiniere College , Lucknow  received a prestigious honour in the 175th year for the conservation of heritage and grand restoration of French architect outside France. Mr. Philippe Toussaint , President of the VMF association in France presented this award to the Principal Mr. Carlyle McFarland at the special assembly held in the morning on 12 February, 2020.

Mr. P. Toussaint has been president of the VMF (Vieilles Maisons Françaises) association since 2002. Created in 1958, it brings together 18,000 members in 95 departmental delegations and 13 regional delegations with the objective of knowing, protecting and enhancing the built heritage and French landscaping and the skills attached to it. Mr. Philippe Toussaint chairs the VMF Foundation created in 2009 with the aim of appealing for patronage in favor of safeguarding heritage in danger. He is also a member of the boards of directors of the Heritage Foundation and of Europa Nostra. Mr. Philippe Toussaint also acquired the Château de Villebadin (IMH) in the Orne, which it took 20 years to restore. In 1983, he created a music festival, the September Musical of the Orne, whose 20 concerts crisscross the high places of the department. Since 2005 he has chaired the Normandy Regional Orchestra. He is also deputy mayor of Villebadin and vice-president of the community of communes of Argentan Intercom.