River Gomti, Lucknow

Lucknow Heritage Museum Soon

Lucknow is coming up with a very unique fifty thousand square feet museum and an interpretation center in its heritage zone, Husainabad – the area that has all the Nawabi era monuments including Asafi Imambara and Rumi Darwaza. This is expected to be a reality by 2022 and the work which was pending since long has now seen the light again.

The ministry of culture, government of India has given an NOC for the project that will take one back in the times of Nawabs that will include food court offering all the famous Nawabi cuisines. Defence Minister of India Mr. Rajnath Singh who is also a Member of Parliament (MP) from Lucknow had recently visited Iran on 5th September 2020 when he shared this news with the delegation there, informing them about the rich Persian History that Lucknow has and how Lucknow has the maximum population of Shia Muslims after that of Iran. It is an undeniable fact that Persian influences can be found in every aspect of Lucknow from its heritage monuments, cuisine and even the customs.

Clock Tower, Lucknow

This museum will be a 3 floor structure near the Husainabad Clock Tower modeled on the lines of Husainabad. Public utility services that would include wash-room and curio shop will be a part of this construction. Interpretation gallery will also take visitors through the events of the battle of Karbala detailing each episode and explaining its importance in Shia history. State of art audio visual panels will enrich the experience of the visitors to this museum.

Each gallery will be named after the heritage monument or a historical place of the city, such as Rumi, Satkhanda, Kudia Ghat etc. Each gallery will bring out the importance and the rich history of the place associated with it. A dedicated gallery for the Nawabs of Awadh will also be a part of this project. As a part of this project, food vendors who encroach the heritage zone and clutter the areas outside Lucknow monuments will be relocated on the street behind the clock tower, just a short walk from the upcoming museum thereby giving the entire area a clean and a serene look.