Kathak Dance of Lucknow

Kathak museum in Lucknow – ‘Kalka Bindadin Ki Dyodhi’

More than 60 pictures of Birju Maharaj are in the main hall of the edifice. Pandit Birju Maharaj is no less than an idol to every Kathak performer and this place gives you a glimpse of his childhood and his early days. You even got a chance to see his bedroom and the courtyard where he used to practice. People who visited the dyodhi on the first day found major attraction in a three-dimensional mural in the courtyard, displaying a scene of performers learning dance, and a well under an old guava tree. The inner courtyard has several attires on display which were actually donned by performers while dancing in Wajid Ali Shah’s court.

On another side, there are three kiosks with a screen each. The first shows the family tree of Birju Maharaj, the second on his biography and details of work by him and the third with videos of him dancing with Bollywood stars and his students.