Cooking Demo : Awadhi Quiche

Originally Quiche is a French dish, with English and Italian intervention. We try to influence this dish with Awadhi intervention in its filling and baking the pastry a little softer to be as close to an Indian bread and not giving a hint of French pastry.

Live Kathak Interpretation by Prateek HIra

Learn about Kathak, its origin and visualise the story behind the live performance. Enjoy a live Kathak Performance and live music in a private show.


Film : Umrao Jaan

Umrao Jaan, a period film made in 1981 was directed by Muzaffar Ali and stars Rekha as a lead character and dancer. The film is based on an Urdu novel and is considered to be the best to understand the life of a courtesan in Lucknow of the period when art and culture was at […]

Republic Day Parade at La Martiniere

Special seating for Tornos Guests to watch the Republic Day Parade at La Martiniere. One of the most fabulous calendar events of the college is its Republic Day celebration that showcases its military training and young boys put up a great show.

Talk : Types of Embroidery in Lucknow

Chikan and Zardozi embroidery is a vast subject and to understand these one requires an in-depth understanding. This talk gives an explanation of embroidery styles and how it impacts the social and economic scene of Lucknow.

Talk: Story of Cawnpore by Prateek Hira

Prateek Hira in a powerful presentation will narrate the gruesome story of Cawnpore (now Kanpur) explains the turn of events and how Cawnpore alone shook the British Empire. 

Walk : Ancient Indian City of Kaushambi

Kaushambi was a very important town of ancient India. It lies on the banks of river Yamuna, only 60 kilometers from Allahabad (now Prayagraj) and finds mention in ancient Indian text of Puranas and Mahabharata. Kavita Gupta will be conducting this walking tour.

Demonstration : Kathak from Lucknow school

Prateek Hira delivers a talk and interprets Kathak dance demonstration taking you back through the history of Kathak, its evolution and the uniqueness that makes the Kathak School of Lucknow the most superior among all schools of Kathak.

Equestrian Display at La Martiniere

La Martiniere boys hold an exciting Annual Equestrian Event. With special arrangements Tornos guests can attend this. This event will be followed by high-tea.  

International Street Food Festival

Hotel Lebua organises International Street Food Festival. Take your taste buds around the globe as you savour specially created  International cuisine at "1936" from 28th February to 8th March 2020. Table reservation may be made with Tornos on +91-522-2349472 / 2346965

Shikara – Kashmiri Food Festival

Novotel organises a dinner buffet of Kashmiri Food Festival at 'The Square', Novotel - Lucknow. 

Film : Shatranj Ke Khilari by Satyajit Ray

Shatranj Ke Khilari referred as Chess Players is a 1977 film by largely set in Lucknow and based on the period of British annexation of Oudh in 1856-57, where an obsession of two friends for chess has been projected. This causal fill show will be followed by High Tea.

Talk : Holi by Wajid Ali Shah in Awadh

Wajid Ali Shah was the most secular ruler of all who ruled Awadh. Being a follower of Lord Krishna, festival of Holi held a special place and so we talk and discuss about the peculiar ways that this festival was (rather is) celebrated in Awadh. This talk will be followed by Holi essential snacks and […]

Holi Celebration by Tornos

Tornos celebrates Holi in style. Join the festivities with Tornos.

Discussion : Tourism during CoronaVirus

The discussion will be on the impacts of the dreaded CoronaVirus (COVID-19) on tourism industry. One of the worst in recent times this pandemic is ruining tourism. This discussion will focus on the effects and measures that can be taken to counter the ill-effects of this dreaded virus. A special emphasis will be laid on […]

Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy workshop will take you through the art of Calligraphy in Awadh. A lecture will be be followed by hands-on learning experience of animal calligraphy. Understand different instruments and their modern equals to take up this art as a hobby. Expert Calligrapher,    Syed Azeem Haider Jafri will be happy to write names of the […]

Talk : Muharram of Lucknow

A very unique way of Muharram mourning is in Lucknow. Jafar Mir Abdullah will deliver a talk about this mourning and explain how it is different than other places. This talk will be followed by evening tea.

Meet Prateek Hira of Tornos at ATM-Dubai

Prateek Hira will be hosting a meet & greet dinner in Dubai as a part of Arabian Travel Market in Dubai. With prior appointments and invites this company presentation may be attended. Tornos Destination Knowledge presentation will be followed by drinks and dinner. 

Online Talk: Jean-Baptiste Gentil & Awadh


ONLINE TALK by Prof.Dhir Sarangi of Centre for French & Francophone Studies, JNU, New Delhi.   Jean-Baptiste Gentil joined the court of Shuja-ud-Dula at Awadh, becoming the French Resident here. He also helped set up a battalion of French mercenaries who served Shuja-ud-Daulah. The battalion was disbanded after his death. While serving at Oudh, he purchased […]

Talk: Claude Martin and the French in Awadh

Tornos invites you to attend an Online (Zoom) Talk  by Dr.Rosie Llewellyn-Jones MBE on the topic: "Claude Martin and the French in Awadh". This talk is being hosted by Alliance française  and open to Tornos patrons and guests.  Date & Time: Jan 28, 2021 / 04:30 PM India.  Zoom link : Meeting ID: 932 […]

The Polier and Gentil albums at the V&A – Susan Stronge


Susan Stronge is a Senior Curator in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. She specializes in the arts of the Sikh and Muslim courts of the Indian subcontinent, and curated the award-winning 1999 exhibition, “The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms.” Her books include Painting for the Mughal Emperor, Tipu’s Tigers and Bejewelled Treasures: The […]