Tornos’ Founder President & CEO, Prateek Hira delivers a message in the wake Corona Virus.

LATEST UPDATE (As on May 27, 2020)

Since 22nd of March 2020 India was in a lockdown due to COVID threat. Things are now opening up in phases and all this while, Tornos was preparing itself to reopen with new COVID safeguard measures which now are very much in place and we are now functional from 1st June 2020, ready to welcome guests.

Our new Product Manual 2020-21 too has now been launched with three new experiences this year, making our product range reach a total of 52 out-of-box experiences by Tornos.

We are all set to welcome guests under new health and safety protocols and really wish that the business starts flowing in soon and all of us are able to revive tourism much earlier than we anticipate.

We at Tornos, are quite optimistic and highly motivated and also want each one of you to be so. Let’s plan seriously for a better tomorrow and let our hopes, not our ‘hurts’ shape the future.



PREVIOUS UPDATE (As on March 15, 2020)

All is well in spite of a questionable well-being of all in the wake of Corona virus. I recall an old saying; ‘Precaution is better than cure’ it so aptly applies here.

At Tornos and all brands and sister companies, we are taking utmost care of our guests who are already in India and touring with us.

Special training sessions have been organised for all our interacting staff and we mark all as safe and free from any infection whatsoever.

There is absolutely no need to panic, and at Tornos we have taken all necessary measures to fight the spread of any kind of viral infection.

When you are using our transport, rest-assured it has been thoroughly sanitized after each guest has disembarked.  As a part of our standard services hand-sanitisers were always placed in our cars and coaches but now our guests may carry it with them as we are providing small bottles now along with masks with compliments.

Tornos, all its brands and sister companies only uses standard hotels, thus be sure, your hotel room and all public areas have been properly sanitised before you have checked in. Also we have personally ensured that rooms have been properly sanitised before check-in of our guests even if we have to wait a bit and delay the check-in of our guests. 

Train travel too is being monitored for all Tornos guests and before our guests are seated in the train our representative is spraying the guest seat or berth with disinfectant, to doubly ensure safety. A travel kit containing hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and masks along with toilet rolls is being given as a part of standard travel kit to all our guests travelling by from one destination to another.   

If you encounter our representatives, guides and drivers with masks and if our people are reluctant to shake hands with you, they are only being thoughtful of your well being and want to keep you safe on your trip to India.

The proportion of this infection in India is actually negligible but as I earlier said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ we at Tornos care for you. Keep enjoying your trip and leave all worries to us.

With a ban on any further leisure travel into India, it’s one of the toughest situations for us in the travel trade but we stand with our government and all of us join hands to counter this threat and irradiate corona virus from India as soon as possible.

We wish you be healthy, be safe and keep travelling. 

(Message by Prateek Hira – Founder, President & CEO of Tornos Destinations (I) Pvt Ltd.)