India’s largest ancient burial site: 3800 years old

Carbon dating tests have confirmed that India’s largest known necropolis located in Sanauli, Uttar Pradesh is 3800 years old. 126 burials have been discovered until now at this site. The elaborate burials including underground chambers, rice pots and decorated legged coffins buried here belong to an indigenous warrior tribe which inhibited the region, according to ASI (Archeological Survey of India).  

The excavation on this site started first in the year 2005 and resumed in 2018 and paved way for discovery of horse-drawn chariots, burials, four-legged wooden coffins, pottery, a copper antenna sword, warshields.

The burials date back to 1900 BC as confirmed by the ASI joint director S.K. Manjul – who led the excavation at Sanauli. The burial pits had legged coffins along with bowls, vases and pots which were systematically arranged. One of the coffins was found decorated with eight anthropomorphic figures.