It is very unfortunate that a tour has to be cancelled, of course there are reasons beyond your control that force you to do it. At Tornos we have a very cooperative cancellation policy. If you wish to alter your programme after the booking has been accepted, it must be communicated to us in writing and it will be subject to additional costs or service alteration fee as decided based on the change in the  programme. The cost will be informed in advance by Tornos, when requested.

While we cannot guarantee it, we will endeavour to do our best to assist with any such requests. Where it is possible to assist, the original arrangements may attract cancellation which will need to be settled by you. The new arrangements may additionally attract a recalculation of the price.

Any requests for alteration, once the tour has begun, will be treated sympathetically but we cannot guarantee their implementation. Any costs incurred in making such alterations, by us or our agents/service providers, will be passed on to you and the un-utilised portion of the holiday will attract 100% cancellation charges.

Should you wish to cancel your tour, you must notify Tornos in writing stating the reasons for cancellation. In such cases you may be covered by your insurance policy (we recommend you cover yourself with a comprehensive travel insurance well in advance). Such cancellation will deem to take place only on the date of receipt of your written request and will attract the following cancellation charges:

Date of receipt of cancellation  Cancellation Charge
71 days or more before departure The deposit amount and any advances paid are refunded in full, except for cancellation fee that are levied on any air-ticket and rail tickets that may have been booked before this date (and we will give you a proof of the same). Otherwise no cancellation charges are applied at this stage except for foreign exchange devaluation and bank charges that are deducted by credit card payment collection company – This is usually not more than 3.5% of the amount collected online or through inter-bank transfers. Difference in rate of exchange in foreign currency conversion is calculated as on date of refund initiation and is  passed on to the customer.
42-70 days before departure 40% of Tour Cost. 60% is Refunded.
28 – 41 days before departure 60% of Tour Cost. 40% is Refunded.
15 – 27 days before departure 90% of Tour Cost. 10% is Refunded.
14 days or less before departure 100% of Tour Cost – Treated As No Show.
REFUND TIME A refund is credited in  7-10 working days in the customer’s bank account but this may vary from recipient’s bank to bank and from country to country. We keep the customers informed, sharing the refund details to track payments in their bank account. The bank charges if any applied by the bank will have to be borne by the customer seeking refund.

If you curtail your holiday for any reason whatsoever, we will not be able to refund the unused portion of your arrangements. Depending on the circumstances of your early return, your travel insurance may offer cover and we suggest that you seek redress with them directly.