Ghats of Ayodhya

Ayodhya gets set to attract tourists

Government of Uttar Pradesh has received twenty proposals for hotel worth about 3 Billion and these include heritage and five star hotels and resorts. A research shows that about twenty percent tourist visiting Ayodhya spend their night there and with the announcement of temple in Ayodhya and Ayodhya being redone this figure is expected to multiply and then hotels in all categories and for all classes of tourist will be required. It is expected that daily arrival of tourist in Ayodhya will be about one hundred thousand and then these stay facilities spread across all categories will be required. There has been a steady rise in the incoming tourists to Ayodhya. In 2011 it saw a total arrival of 12 million which went up to 20 million in 2019 and now a projected figure for 2025 is that of 39 million tourists. A shortfall of about four thousand rooms by 2030.

Tornos has earlier established its office in Ayodhya and is working to make very lucrative packages to attract tourists and retain them to stay at least for a night if not more through its researched tours that will incite tourists to spend time in Ayodhya. Tornos is working on introducing many walking tours and experiences in Ayodhya that will be available throughout the day and will keep tourists busy all day. With very privileged tie-ups in Ayodhya, Tornos will be able to deliver smooth entry into the temples, organize one to one meetings with the priests and locals to get the most of the visit of its guests to Ayodhya.   

Proposed Ram Temple in Ayodhya

Model of the proposed Ram Temple in Ayodhya of which the foundation was laid by Prime Minister Modi on 5 August 2020

Union Civil Aviation Ministry has been now requested by the state government to at least do up the airstrip soon and allow bigger aircraft to land while the work on terminal building may continue.  

In a recent meeting with the Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adityanath following key points were highlighted :-

  • It must be ensured that traditional heritage and cultural ethos of Ayodhya is not disturbed by the development of the city.
  • Ayodhya needs to be publicized well with India and abroad to draw tourists.
  • Solar Energy should be prioritized for use as far as possible in the transformation and the development of the city.
  • World-class riverfront development from Faizabad’s Guptar Ghat to Ayodhya’s Naya Ghat.
  • Ramayana Circuit from Ayodhya to Sitamarhi and Ayodhya to Chitrakoot be expedited.
  • The facility and public utilities on the Parikrama Route be improved.
  • All pending issues specially the ones pointed of by Civil Aviation ministry be removed to pave way for Ayodhya Airport.

Tornos has formed a focused team that is working in Ayodhya and has set itself the deadline on December 2020 when all the packages, short tours and experiences in Ayodhya will be in place ready for launch. It is expected that in January 2021 Tornos will be able to inaugurate its office in Ayodhya.