Ayodhya - Saryu Ghat

Ayodhya for Jain religion too

Hail to the land where spirituality, truth, non- violence and peace has been a way of living for centuries. Uttar Pradesh is a melting pot for diverse religious disciplines and disciples, mythological events, historical dramas and culture that thrives in utmost harmony. A large number of Jain Shrines that are located all across the state speak volumes about the Jain Tirthankars or Jain religious preachers who spread message of love, peace and non-violence. It is this ethos that has attracted many people nationwide as well as across the globe to the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Approximately three and a half million Jains live in India today. The state of Uttar Pradesh is a magnet to those who desire to see the great Jain architectural opulence and understand the preaching of great religious preachers or Tirthankars as they call them, who thought that atonement and self mortification can free one from the cycles of birth and rebirth, finally liberating the soul on the path of salvation through Jainism.

The ethos of this great religion and its preaching is tangibly depicted e in the cave temples, in ornate decorations on stones and countless illustrated manuscripts. Dispersed across Uttar Pradesh these religious shrines are a great attraction for pilgrims as well as tourists.

Though mostly associated with Hindu religion and mythologies, Ayodhya also has a great association with Jainism. It is the place where five Tirthankars were born and chose it as their seat to preach the values of Jainism. These places are also important as they provide a historical evidence to the history of Jainism:-


Ratnapuri is located on the Ayodhya-Lucknow highway about twenty four kilometers off Ayodhya near Ronahi. It is the place where Lord Dharamnath was born and is a site of his sacred garden.


The memories of the first Tirthankara, Lord Vrishabhnath is preserved in a locality of Ayodhya called Swargdwar. He is also addressed as Adinath, Purdev and Adi-Brahma, meaning incarnation of Lord Brahma, the creator. A visit to this place is also covered in Tornos’ Mokshdayni Walk.

Baksaria Tola

Located in Ayodhya, also known as Begampura, this is the birth place of Lord Ajitnath. A temple dedicated to him is called ‘Ajitnath ki Tok’.

Ramkot Muhalla

Located in Ayodhya this is the birth place of Lord Abhinandan Nath. At the site stands a temple dedicated to him.


Muhalla-Mondhiana Rajghat is located in Ayodhya which is the birth place of Lord Sumatinath and Lord Anantnath.


Jain Temple in Raiganj is famous for its Digambar Jain Temple with its twenty one feet high idol of Lord Vrishabhdev