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Tornos has always seen technology as a great tool of development and a vehicle of growth for tourism world over.  At Tornos we use the latest communication systems understanding the need of today’s extremely busy lifestyle and have effectively put technology in place to make things smooth for clients, suppliers, vendors and ourselves too.

A simple e-mail communication with Tornos is an experience in itself of how efficiently we reply in shortest possible time thereby increasing chances of query materialisation for our clients, who in turn can reply to their queries sooner than they could. At Tornos we do not prioritise inward e-mails and as a result, we reply to each one instantly. In case we take some time in giving a specific reply, we let our clients know that too, creating a time-framed communication chain.

Telecommunication too at Tornos is a serious point, with 7 land line phones and 22 dedicated mobile (CUG) phone numbers with each senior team member to be in touch for effective guest handling. We also have a system of 24 X 7 contact point, Duty Officer (+91-9935538105).  A duty officer is the nodal contact person on weekly shift basis, who has all the information about all movements of the day and can cater to random service requirements.

Our website: is a virtual encyclopedia for our destination and all our experiential products. It talks less about us and more about our destination and is often used to frame itineraries or gather destination information. This website includes a feature of Online Chat.

‘LUCKNOWLEDGE’ is our monthly e-newsletter, sent out to about 6000 registered e-mail recipients. Our news portal is an extension on our website, to distribute updated Lucknow related news. An exclusive editorial and product team works day in and day out, to reach you the latest from our destination, thereby giving out our clients the power of knowledge. 

Keeping in tune with technology we have integrated all our bookings on custom-made software, ‘Precision’. Here all bookings after being received are fed into this software and each movement is allotted a UID (Unique Identification Number) for better tracking and amendments. Also an automated confirmation is sent out to our clients to assure that the booking has not only been received and confirmed, but will also reflect in our daily movement chart, thereby eliminating any human error or omission on the movement date. As an integration and extension to this software, our billing system too is a part of this. It generates highly secure, digitally signed GST compliant e-tax invoices sent through e-mails as a clickable link to be opened on any internet browser and printed for processing. This system has worked very well in terms of speed and accuracy.

GPS Car Trip Sheets for corporate travellers that are signed by finger or stylus on mobile device too has helped eliminate meter reading errors and real-time availability of trip sheets at clients’ end. This system eliminates questions regarding extra running of cars and also enables real time billing.

We have kept pace with the growing needs, of a growing business to deliver with precision. We at Tornos invest heavily on communication and technology to improve service delivery as a part of our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which many see as our Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Read About Us