Credit: Flying bird by Abhishek Singh

Nawabganj Birds’ Sanctuary

Away from the hustle and bustle of Lucknow’s urban life, Nawabganj Birds’ Sanctuary is situated about 45 km from Lucknow. It is one of the wetlands in the state of Uttar Pradesh giving an opportunity for bird watching.

The sanctuary got the status in the year 1984 and later in the year 2015 it was re named as ‘Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Birds’ Sanctuary’.

Nawabganj Birds' Sanctuary

The sanctuary has ample dense foliage and is a home to magnificent avian-life and a large number of flora and fona. The picturesque lake amidst the vegetation attracts a lot of aquatic birds as well as migratory birds from Siberia, China and Europe.  The sanctuary is truly a delight for wildlife enthusiasts as well as for recreation.

The sanctuary is spread over an expanse of 2.24 sq km, and is a home to over 250 species of beautiful birds, both indigenous and migratory. These birds in large numbers are generally visible during the winter months.

Some of the birds which are spotted here are:

  • Sarus Crane

  • Painted Stork

  • Peafowl

  • White Ibis

  • Dabchick (Little grebe)

  • Whistling Teal

  • Open-bill Stork

  • White-necked Stork

  • Pheasant-tailed Jacana

  • Bronze winged Jacana

  • Purple Moorhen

  • Lapwing

  • Tern

  • Vulture

  • Pigeon

  • King Crow

  • Indian Roller

  • Bee-eater

Some of the Migratory birds that visit Nawabganj Birds’ sanctuary from October to March:

  • Siberian crane

  • Red-breasted partridge

  • Pink flamingo

  • Greylag goose

  • Cotton teal

  • Red-Crested Pochard

  • Gadwall

  • Shoveler

  • Coot

  • Mallard

The endangered species like the Egyptian Vulture, Palla’s fish eagle, Lesser Adjutant and Woolly-necked stork are some vulnerable species of birds found in the Nawabganj Birds’ sanctuary.

Apart from the winged creatures, a number of reptiles like viper snakes, Indian Krait, viper, water snakes, Cobra, Rattlesnake, fishes like kavai, Saul, Sindhi, Katla, Cat fish are also found. The Kashmir Stag, Golden Jackal and Jungle cat are some of the land animals seen in the sanctuary.  

The sanctuary also has an interpretation centre to conduct studies, characteristics and behavioural patterns of birds. Watchtowers are also installed and distances for easy bird watching without disturbing the avian-life.

The sanctuary though small, is a great place to relax in the midst of nature with melodious sounds of birds which is truly a delight to be in tune with nature. A basic accommodation by UP Tourism is also an option for bird-lovers here if at all they want to stay and spend a few days in this nature’s paradise.


Tornos conducts a special tours Nawabganj between November and February for Birdwatchers, Twitchers and Ornithologists starting from Lucknow early morning at 0400 hrs and returning by dinner. Tour includes refreshments and lunch and an option of an accompanying avian-naturalist. As this is an exclusive tour and not from our regular list, guests interested may contact us on our e-mail: