Chikan Embroidery of Lucknow

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Lucknow is not just any other city, but a chapter that unfolds itself each time one visits this epicenter of culture. At Tornos we have exclusively designed a Heritage Walk, discovering the lanes and the by-lanes of Chowk. On this walking tour we explore the unexplored and explain the inexplicable. Understand how vast a history, this city of superlatives holds. History in Lucknow, stretches beyond the concrete walls of its monuments, spreads into the lanes of Lucknow and has many more nuances that can only be understood and appreciated in the lanes and by-lanes of Chowk.

Tornos has been discovering and rediscovering this city since its own inception in 1994 and every time we design or redesign our products, we stumble upon a new piece of history that we wish to share with our guests. Heritage Walk is our endeavour of sharing our discoveries and knowledge that make Lucknow look so new and fresh every time. Our expert Walk Leaders take you into the bygone era of this city that is a world unto itself.

Cost :

INR 2800 per person (Shared Walk)

INR 15000 (Up to 6 persons – Exclusive Walk)

Starting Time : 

Winters (Nov-Feb) – 4:30 pm

Summers (Mar-Oct) – 5 pm

Expected Duration : 

1.5 – 2 hours

Remarks : 

This tour covers a heritage lane and explains the culture, people and lifestyle of Lucknow within just a span of 2 hrs. No heritage monuments are a part of this walk.

Does not operate on Thursdays, National Holidays and a few festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Eid & Mohorram.

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Pre-visit Orientation

Heritage Expert leading the walking tour

Walking bags with bottled water, tissues, light refreshments

Heritage Walk Map

Transport cost to and from walk starting point (may be booked separately)

Visit to any heritage monuments

Any food items on the walk, unless a part of offer

Any other beverage, other than bottled water