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Evening Culinary Walk

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Lucknow as a city has carved a niche by attracting gastronomes, for the want of discovering and re-discovering the Awadhi Cuisine. Till date Lucknowites spend the most of their earnings and time on their kitchens. Lucknow is one place that has a full colony of chefs called, ‘Bawarchi Tola’ and then there is a full street, where one can find the best from Lucknow’s very own traditional kitchens.

We take you for this evening walk and make you hop-in, hop-out of the traditional roadside eateries, making you try the best that is on the menu. This is a guided tour with our own set of cutlery and basic dining essentials. It allows you to experience the best of the best, at the unpretentious eateries, without having to worry about how to eat without a fork or to wipe your hands clean after you are done.

Cost :

INR 3500 per person (Shared Walk)

INR 14,000 (Up to 4 persons – Exclusive Walk)

Starting Time : 

Winters (Nov-Feb) – 7 pm

Summers (Mar-Oct) – 7:30 pm

Expected Duration : 

2 hours

Remarks : 

You got to be a foodie to appreciate this walking tour – do not expect regular pretentious restaurants on this tour. The surroundings may not look clean and area is cluttered but be sure, you are eating the freshest of fresh as these age-old eateries only cook in small quantities, serving diners of the day and have no concept of storage. This tour is essentially for meat eaters. To enjoy this walk, let your lunch be light as it will involve a lot of eating. 

Basic Hygiene standards are taken care by the Walk Leader, by way of hand-sanitiser, wet-wipes, paper napkins, bottled-water and even disposable cutlery sets at each eatery.  

If you still are not convinced with hygiene-practices, just indulge in tasting and listening to the food history and stories of the eateries you visit. 

Does not operate on Thursday, Sunday and a few Islamic festivals. Also 15 days after Eid this walk remains suspended. 

Awadhi Murg Tikka

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Pre-visit Orientation

Culinary Expert leading the walking tour

Walking bags with bottled water, tissues, disposal cutlery set

Write-ups and notes on gastronomy

Hop-in Hop-out meals at traditional eateries – unlimited serving

Transport cost to and from walk starting point (may be booked separately)

Any non-traditional food other than the one on offer

Any other beverage, other than bottled water