'Beyond Kebab' Walk by Tornos

‘Beyond Kebab’ Walk

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Lucknow is one city that is home to diversity, where not only religions meet and live together in utmost harmony, but also appreciate each other’s diverse cuisines, how else would one explain the existence of heritage halwais like Netram and Madhurima alongside Tundey Kebabi and Bismillah Biryani in Lucknow. This coexistence or rather the confluence of diverse cultures and traditions is actually called ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzib’.

Vegetarian cuisine in Lucknow is as rich as its non-vegetarian fare and held equally in high regard for its recipes and age-old traditions. Halwais in Lucknow have had their own loyal fan list and generations have been eating there for ages and vow that nothing has changed ever since.

On this two hours walking tour we take you to the traditional eateries where the oldest dates back to 1825, show you some traditional shops that specialise in sun-dried lentil-nuggets and accompaniments like papadums, pickles, preserves, chutneys for ages and still rule the dinner tables at Lucknow homes. Taste not only the tangy chaat and the coolest kulfi on this tour but also end it with a paan (betel-leaf preparation) that is nothing short of a dessert.

Cost :

INR 3500 per person (Shared Walk)

INR 14,000 (Up to 4 persons – Exclusive Walk)

Starting Time :

Winters / Summers – 1 pm

Expected Duration :

2 hours

Remarks :

Beyond Kebab WalkYou got to be a foodie to appreciate this walking tour. This tour is essentially for vegetarians and takes you to the most authentic eateries that actually invented/mastered the dishes more that 150 years ago.

To enjoy this walk, let your breakfast be lite as it will involved a lot of eating.

Does not operate on Thursday, national holidays and a few festivals. Also 6 days after the festival of Holi and for 2 days after the festival of Diwali this walk remains suspended.

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Pre-visit Orientation.

Culinary Expert leading the walking tour.

Walking bags with bottled water, tissues, disposal cutlery set.

Write-ups and notes on gastronomy.

Hop-in Hop-out meals at traditional eateries – unlimited serving.

Transport cost to and from walk starting point (may be booked separately).

Any non-traditional food other than the one on offer.

Any other beverage, other than on offer during the walk and the bottled water.